Graphic Design


Ruprecht Marketing offers various services in the domain of graphic design – from a new logo up to a wholly new corporate design.

Logo and Corporate Design

We establish three possible designs and realize the one you favor.


We design business cards, business letters, envelopes etc. ready to print.


Whether it is to present a company or to contain all your products, we will elaborate your catalog according to your wishes, from the raw draft up to the pre-press

3D Designs

Thanks to our CAD software “Shapr3D”, we are capable of designing and rendering photo-textured three-dimensional models. Ideal for technical enterprises, such as mechanical engineering!

Form follows Function

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Founder, Apple Inc.

This figure of speech perfectly sums up our graphic design philosophy: it is not just about presenting a “fancy” design, but a design that ensures your customer immediately gets what you offer – and even more so, why (s)he should buy your products of all options.

We help you elaborate a corporate identity to ensure your (future) customers are attracted to your company – from the color design and shape of the logo up to the advertisement texts.

Our Partner: Ideas by Sabino

For high-end graphics, videos, and animations, we cooperate with our partner “Ideas by Sabino“.

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