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Here, you will learn how to contact us.

For our European customers, we are available by phone from Monday to Friday, each 2 pm to 8 pm CET (1 pm to 7 pm GMT)
+595 983 470 069
+595 983 470 069
Planta Urbana, PY-5350 Col. Independencia

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of websites are you offering?

I am specializing in websites for small enterprises, churches, and other NPO’s (non-profit organizations). However, I can make (almost) any kind of site you wish – except websites for political candidates or those who are age restricted.

Will you also prepare a site in a social network for me, e.g. Facebook?

Of course. However, keep in mind that social network pages need to be updated regularly to achieve more traffic. It is with pleasure that we help you with that, too – or we take care of it in your place.

What are you offering in terms of marketing consulting?

Almost anything – whether it is about creating a logo, an entire corporate design or an entire consulting package including market research.

Are you offering other services regarding business, being a BBA graduate?

Generally, I am specialising in marketing and sales support. Certainly, with my experience as en entrepreneur, I also have some expertise in other matters of management, such as strategy development, finances, and HRM. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me. However, since I am a “solo player”, please understand that I rarely have the resources for a profound business counseling.

How much do your services cost?

My hourly rate is $ 20 (twenty US Dollars). Certainly, for a larger project, we can agree on a flat rate. Contact me so we can discuss the matter – the first meeting is free of charge anyway (except travel expenses).