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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of websites are you offering?

I am specializing in websites for small enterprises, churches, and other NPO’s (non-profit organizations). However, I can make (almost) any kind of site you wish – except websites for political candidates or those who are age restricted.

Will you also prepare a site in a social network for me, e.g. Facebook?

JOf course! Whether it is with LinkedIn, XING, or Facebook – I will create an entire business site to your liking. You just need to set up a basic account. However, I am not working with Twitter or TikTok.

What are you offering in terms of marketing consulting?

Almost anything – whether it is about creating a logo, an entire corporate design or an entire consulting package including market research.

Are you offering other services regarding business, being a BBA graduate?

Generally, I am specialising in marketing and sales support. Certainly, with my experience as en entrepreneur, I also have some expertise in other matters of management, such as strategy development, finances, and HRM. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me. However, since I am a “solo player”, please understand that I rarely have the resources for a profound business counseling.

How much do your services cost?

My hourly rate is Fr. 25 (twenty-five Swiss Francs). Certainly, for a larger project, we can agree on a flat rate. Contact me so we can discuss the matter – the first meeting is free of charge anyway (except travel expenses).

How come your hourly rates are so low?

That’s because I am living in Paraguay, which has very low living costs and taxes, and we only have a buiness site in Switzerland.